HI, making a baby hat; did het help here last week for 1st row of pattern. Now very confused direction 2nd row directions:
States: P1, {p1, yon, k1 tbl} all into next st, p1; rep from to end.

I am confused on the parenthetical instructions.
within { } should

  1. I p1, and move that purl stitich to the right needle then;
  2. Make a Yon then;
  3. k1 through back loop of this specific stitch which I am knitting.

I appreciate any help. Following these directions is the main reason why I don’t make progress in my knitting skills–I usually quit a project once I can’t figure these issues out. Thanks so much for any and all help. KittyAnn

P1, {p1, yon, k1 tbl} all into next st, p1; rep from to end

for the {} purl into the stitch, but don’t slide it off. bring the yarn over the right tip to the back for the yon, then knit the same stitch again through the back loop.

No for the {p1, yon, k1 tbl} you would purl 1 and leave it on the needles, then wrap the yarn to the back and k1 through the back loop of the same stitch.

I am going to try your description of the steps, and will get back with any questions, if that;s ok. Thank you so very much. KittyAnn