Kitty Pi bed-substitute yarn?

I’m wanting to get started on my Christmas list, and would like to make the Kitty Pi bed for a neighbor. The Noro Big Kureyon is a bit steep for my budget, especially as I may decide to make one for myself, as well. Are there other, less expensive bulky woolen yarns which would work for this project? :??

Double WOTA (Wool of the Andes) from Knitpicks…it wont be stripey like the Noro, but you can knit with two colors, and it will end up looking “heathery”.

Great! Thanks, Kelly. :smiley: I don’t mind that it won’t be stripey, and the heathery look would be rather nice, I think.

Cascade 220 is another great yarn for felting, but not bulky either. Someone else can probably advise about whether doubling it would be equivalent. WEBS is offering a great price ($4.70/100g) on quite a few colors and my order last week came very promptly.

Thanks, Fern!

WOTA and Cascade 220 both look like good choices. I’m sort of leaning toward the WOTA, primarily because I’ve been hankering to place a KnitPicks order, and that would help me get to the $30 mark to qualify for the free shipping. Now I’ve got to figure out how much yarn I need to order for the Pi bed.

Also, I’m trying to decide whether to order colors based on my neighbors decorating scheme, or what would look good wrapped around her beautiful kitty. :thinking: She has the most gorgeous Persian Calico cat I’ve ever seen.

Id go with her decor…what color IS her decor? Maybe we could help?

Actually, now that I think about it, she doesn’t have that much of a color scheme going in her house, except in her kitchen, which is primarily done in blue (sort of dusky, not country blue) and a sort of tan color. The cat primarily sleeps in the kitchen or the dining room. The dining room is rather non-descriptive, with cream colored linen slipcovers on the chairs. The hutch and table are a sort of rustic mission style wood.

In that case, I wouldnt do anything too WILD with color. What color is the cat?

Oh geez, I gotta disagree with Kelly for once…
you’ve got to make the Pi bed to go with the CAT!!!

The cat is the most important and heck, it probably won’t scream out against the decor no matter what the color.
I’m about to make one for my baby finally, cat that is,
and since she has beautiful green eyes and is also a tiger kind of I’m going with blues and greens. Yeah, Noro is too expensive for this I think. I have 3 balls and am trying to decide if I want to use them for her. (sshhhhhhh)

Well, the cat is calico colored-white, gold, and black. She’s mostly white, and leastly black. I would love to use Noro, but it’s really out of the question. I like my neighbor/friend and all, but when I use Noro, it’s going to be for something for me. :mrgreen:

Those cat beds are so darn cute!! I really must make a couple for my furry children, although I really don’t need anymore projects on my to-do list right now.
Why haven’t I seen these before???

Im just thinking (Vic! :waving: ) that if your friend’s decor is fairly “vanilla” she’s not gonna want a cat bed that’s all CRAZY with color.

How about trying a combo of knitpicks WOTA , in carrot & snickerdoodle, or snickerdoodle & pumpkin? The snickerdoodle would “tone down” some of the orangy-ness, and it would still match the cat!

How about trying a combo of knitpicks WOTA , in carrot & snickerdoodle, or snickerdoodle & pumpkin? The snickerdoodle would “tone down” some of the orangy-ness, and it would still match the cat!

GMTA, Kelly. That’s exactly what I was leaning toward doing! :thumbsup:

ACK… I LOVE IT!! Matching the bed to the kitty. Could it be any cuter??? :heart:

Now, to figure out how many balls I need to order. :??

Well, assuming the WOTA is half the thickness of the noro, I would order TWICE the yardage that the pattern calls for? Or, the same amount that the pattern calls for in each color…

Does that make sense?

I cant WAIT to see this kitty bed!

From the pattern:

Noro Big Kureyon (bulky weight wool, 176 yards/skein) – 2 skeins (I used less than half of the second skein
US size 11 (or larger!) dpns and 24" circular needle

Adding half a skein of 88 yards to a full skein of 176 yards, that would equal 264 yards.

From KnitPicks description of WOTA:

Content: 100% Peruvian Highland Wool
Amount: 110 yards/50 grams ball
Gauge: 4.5-5 sts=1" on #7-8 needles

Since I need double the thickness of the WOTA, I would need (264 x 2) 528 yards of it. 528 yards divided by the 110 yards per skein would require 4.8 skeins, meaning I need to buy 5 skeins of WOTA. Is that right? :?? If so, then I’ll order three of each of the two colors I use.

I have no idea if this is right or not. Obvioulsy, I did not major in math. :blush:

Wow, KellyK is that a new avatar??? Or am I confused?
Drinking wine now… I’m tryihg to get a bunch of cheap bulky wool together bit by bit to begin the Pi bed. I have a few skeins of Lion Brand bulky… and just won some bulky stuff on ebay. but I’m working on my 2nd sock so my darlin’ cat can wait.

P.S. Wow, was in the vet’s office this past week and a man came in with his 20 year old cat, full of pain and ready to be put down. It was pretty d. sad. Kelly! Do you have any animals???

Vic…I think you live in a cave. :roflhard:

Silver found a “make your own avatar” site (the thread is on the General forum) and almost EVERYONE here has one now!

And…DO I HAVE ANIMALS??? HAHA! I have THREE dogs and THREE parakeets…pics of the dogs are smattered all over my blog. :wink:

A cave!!! ??? Yeah, that’s my mind.

I know you have that adorable dog! I just got confused because your pretty face avatar was gone! Where did it go?

Well, it was just obvious you didn’t have a cat coz you’d know the color of the pi bed would showcase the cat! That’s all I meant.
Where’s the parakeets!