Kitty Hats

So these are the last three items I’ve made. Be warned, make one of these for one person you know and you’re likely to get a LOT of requests.

Unfortunately for a few people, I’ve shut down the factory, so to speak. You can only stitch so many ears before you’re sick of lookin’ at 'em.

Yes, they are all slightly different sizes (the green one is ENORMOUS, lol), and the ears are in slightly different positions on each one (I went with what I thought would look good on each person with that aspect).

Materials I used: US7 DPs and US7, 16" circular needle
Red Heart No Dye Lot Worsted Weight Acrylic

:teehee: Those are cute!

Very cute! Where did the pattern come from, I have a 3 y.o. to knit one for.

Oh! I should have said where they came from.

Originally they’re out of Stich 'N Bitch, but I found a link here on knittinghelp to where the pattern has been put online.

Here it is to make it easier for you:

I don’t think she has it posted for a child’s size, but it’s a pretty basic hat base with just seed stitch and garter stitch. It should be easy enough to decrease the number of stitches by a certain percent for the hat and earflaps, though I think I might even leave the ears the size they are in the adult pattern.

Be warned for the kitty ears though: When I tried to place them where the pattern says, they looked too far back. I had to put them even an extra half inch or so in front of the center line (the PATTERN says 3/4 inch in front of the center line, but I did them about 1.25 inches foreward of center) and angle them pretty far to point the bottom corner at the earflap.

My suggestion is to use a DP needle, and just poke it down through the hat where you expect to pick up the first stitch for the kitty ear, and back up through the hat where you expect to pick up the last. Do the same on the other side, and then you can put the hat on and the two DPs sticking out will show you where the base of the ear will end up and how it will be angled when the hat is on. Then you can move it around till it’s right without having to rip stitches out and try over.

Those hats are adorable!!! Thanks for posting the pattern, too.

No problem ^.^.

And thanks for all the compliments, everyone. I think the new owners of these guys are pretty happy with them, too. The mail delivered the last of them today, and I now have three people that tell me they’re itching for cool weather to start.

I love those!!! When I first read the title of your post I thought i was going to see a cat wearing a hat. :roflhard: I could just picture my cat in one looking at me with a glare.

Those are sooo cute! I love them. :thumbsup:

Too cute!!!

Ahhhh too too cute! What cute little hats! Adorable!


I should get permission from the people I gave them to to post pics of them wearing them.

Ah, those are great! Thanks for all the tips.