Kitty alarm clock

Has your cat done this? :teehee:

My cat bites fingers and toes, mostly for his own personal amusement, but that’s why he’s not allowed in the bedroom, it’s a major shock to wake up to

:roflhard: :roflhard:

That is funny.

:roflhard: :roflhard: With the exception of the baseball bat at the end that is exactly what my cat does to me every single night!!!

:roflhard: That’s so funny! My oldest cat does that every morning. Between that and my kitten systematically knocking everything not off any surface just for the heck of it I don’t get much sleep anymore . …lol

:?? Has someone been spying on me???

my sis once woke up at 5am thinking she couldn’t breathe to find our overweight (he’s on a diet but he’s plateaued) cat sitting on her chest with his face in hers

She’s lucky! I had a cat once sit with his bottom in my face!

Funny!! I guess I have lucked out that my two pretty much think they are dogs. They sleep very sweetly at the foot of my bed just like their big brother a Labrador retriever. My sister’s cats on the other hand have practically given me heart attacks waking me up when I have stay there. I once woke up to them wrestling their way across my sleeping body. I got more than a few scratches that morning!

That is a great video! So much like a real cat. Mine are a little pesty, they will scratch on the sofa or something because they know I will get up. The worst cat was my nieces cat when I was a teenager. He would like my eyelids to wake me up! It was weird.

Thanks so much for that, it’s brill. I think all of us who are owned by cats watched it and thought ‘Amen!’

I forward it to my hubby who just loved it.