Kitting Changing Sides

I have a pattern that I’ve been stuck on for about a month now. No rush, but I’d love some help.

It’s an illusion scarf, so the RS and WS are obvious. But my problem is going from the background to the pattern.

Here is the beginning instructions.
CO 31st in black. K 2 rows in black.
Knit background section 3 times, ending with row 4.

Background section:
Row 1: K across in green
Row 2: P across in green
Row 3: K across in black
Row 4: K across in black.

The first line of the pattern is labeled RS. For some reason, I keep ending up starting incorrectly and the pattern and background section are backwards from each other. Any ideas?

Also with RS and WS, is that which side is facing you as you’re ready to begin a new row?

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Hi and welcome!
The pattern as written gives you the garter ridges in black with two row stockinette in green. If this is the pattern,
it looks like the photos.
You need to get to the charts to see the actual picture start to appear but you should be able to see the alternate black ridges with green stockinette valleys inbetween that form the background after one or two repeats.

Yeah, that’s the pattern, but I have past the first pattern. So my first background is backwards to the pattern and I can’t get my background to not be backwards to the pattern. I’m knew to patterns, so that’s why having such a hard time with it.

are you working off a chart? if you are the chart is laid out exactly as you would knit it, so like row 1 is worked right to left, row 2 left to right, etc.

I wrote what the instructions say for the background section. The bit between the two charts. It’s a scarf as someone found. If I follow what I think the instructions say, the pattern and the background section are backwards to each other.

I was experimenting with other yarn to figure out if maybe “ending with row 4” meant not to do row four? But then the pattern isn’t complete and my green yarn tail is at one end and my black is at the other. I can post a picture of what I have so far if anyone thinks that would help.

Definitely, a picture or two would help. If you can take a close up so that we can see the rows in detail, that would be great.
No ending with row 4 means to complete row 4.
ETA: The key for the pattern is correct but may be a little confusing if you’re used to reading charts.
Usually the key might tell you a dotted box is purl on the RS, knit on the WS and an open box in knit on the RS and purl on the WS.
The designer has simplified it by telling you that all the RS rows are knit. Then on the WS rows, the dotted box is knit and the open box is purl.

Try this to get started (if you haven’t already): follow the written directions for rows 1 and 2 (Green)
Row 1: Knit all stitches.
Row 2: P14, K2, P15

that’s a tricky looking scarf!! sort of reminds me of shadow knitting

I made a similar scarf but it had “aliens” on it.

It turned out rather nice!!

Alright, this should be the be true where the pattern is forward, but my beginning background section is backwards. The snake is supposed to be white and you can see it better from the back then the front. I’ll post the other picture in another post.

The background section shouldn’t look so green, it should look striped like the pattern above.

And this is from the back or RS for the pattern, but the background section looks correct… This is where my problem lies.

In the first photo, the initial pattern (the graph) is started correctly with the two purl bumps in white/green toward the center of the scarf and it looks like it continues correctly. The background does appear to be correct in this picture area. But the initial rows of the scarf appear reversed and in the second photo you can see the initial rows of the scarf which are all background, have an error. You shouldn’t be seeing white purl bumps in the valleys that are done in stockinette (white). These are the directions to start the scarf:
CO 31st in black.
[I]K 2 rows in black.[/I]
Background Section:
Row 1: K across in green
Row 2: P across in green
Row 3: K across in black
Row 4: K across in black

Make sure you cast on in black and then K 2 rows in black. The next row is K white/green and the following is P white/green. These two rows will give you stockinette (V shaped sts in the contrast color on the RS) and you won’t see purl bumps in the contrast color background.
When you start chart 1 (white/green), make susre that the side with the contrast color valleys is facing you for chart row 1. You’ll see the first 2 purl bumps of the snake appear in row 2 and the purl bumps will be on the RS.

The “trick” to this pattern is that since it’s an “illusion” you can see it better from an angle, AND after you’ve completely quite a few repeats.
I was having a similar problem in the beginning, in fact I almost gave up because it looked so WRONG to me.
I put it down for a few days and came back to it.
After it was done, I liked it so much, I made a second one.

Don’t give up, if you’re following the pattern/chart it should start looking like the pic soon. :slight_smile:

So it is hard to see, but I did count out 31st in my white which the pattern says black. Then, using my white/black, I did K two rows. Switching to the green, I K and then P two rows of green to make a valley between the green. I see what’s wrong now, but how do I keep it from happening again on the other end of the chart? Do I need to switch something from the directions? Or am I just really bad at this??

I’m horrible at reading charts.
The way I solved my problem, I wrote out the pattern.
Yeah it took long to first write it out and then knit it, but it saved me a huge headache when knitting it.

Aha, this may be part at least of the problem. The directions say to P [U]one[/U] row, not 2. Purling 2 rows is giving you the line of bumps in white that shows up in photo 2 in the first and second white stripes after the cast on. Your knitting looks beautiful and this scarf will work out really well once you get past the initial rows and onto the chart.
You have the background sts correctly done once you get to the picture part of the pattern, where you’re following the chart (look at those nice white stockinette valleys in the upper part of photo 1). So why not follow the pattern set up by the first say 5sts of the chart (background area), when you do the first 14 rows of the scarf? Get that background right and then start the chart making sure that you begin the chart with the RS (stockinette valleys) facing you.