Kitting bag

Now this is a serious knitting case! Now I love yarn. And I usually carry a project with me at all times. And at least two if I am going to be somewhere that I can knit for a while but I can’t even imagine where I would be going that I would need that much yarn!

I got this in an email from Joann’s in case anyone needs to run out and get one.

Some how the picture disappeared. Hopefully we have it this time.

Now that’s some serious knitting on the go!!

Use this Joann’s coupon too:

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
OMG! This so totally appeals to me tote fetish! I have a Creative Memories rolling tote for scrapbooking and crafts, and a rolling tote from Michael’s for my beading. Stands to reason I will HAVE to get a rolling tote for Yarn!
gimme :heart: gimme :heart: gimme :heart: gimme :heart: gimme :heart: gimme :heart: gimme :heart: gimme :heart: gimme :heart: gimme :heart: gimme

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

I bought one this past weekend–it was half off!

I couldn’t resist

My husband doesn’t understand (“Oh goody, just what you needed!! Another bag for knitting!!!”) :rollseyes:

I :heart: it…I bought the black one though

Oh yeah…

And I’m sorta using it to hold everything next to the couch because I can never decide what I’m going to knit…

And my guild had a “knit out” this past Sunday where we brought finished projects, so it was perfect for that…

I use a bag VERY much like that for my big knitting bag by the sofa…but I carry a smaller bag when I go.

that code looks expired. try one of these…

office8550 is 50% off regular price
Sepa550 is 50% off regular price as well

That’s a pretty cool knitting bag, though I don’t care for the color. Hmm could be my gender or something. heh, anyway, I’m making my travel bag, and it will (hopefully) be done soon. getting tired of bringing a plastic sack in.

Sorry, I posted the wrong coupon.
Here is one that is good Oct. 4th through 15th:

I saw that tote yesterday, but I can’t decide between that one or this one:

So I first saw this Thursday… Friday on my lunch break, I went out to the Joann’s here (thankfully it is 2 blocks from work!) and procured my bag! I got the black one but it really took me several minutes to decide… the picture doesn’t do the color justice, it’s actually a nice berry mauve color. I almost got that just for the girlie factor but then decided on black since my Jordana Paige bag is black. It has the three shades of berry stripes inside though (guys, in case you wanna know…) I was so excited I hauled it upstairs to work. Got a couple giggles but in a nice way from some of the folks i work with, they know what a tool,tote, knitting freak i am. DH, BIL and SIL know it’s now my goal in life to get rolly totes for each of my obsessions. I told my mom about it and she thought it sounded cool, really, it would work as a carry on for knitting. My boss thought it would be handy for her Beauty Control products she carries. :happydance: :heart: