Hey kitkat, I was just looking at the pet photo thread and saw your beautiful, handsome lab. I knew the picture was familiar and realized you’re a member on the JL lab forum too. However, I can’t remember your nick there and am trying to find old posts.

Here’s my sig pic which I’m sure you’ve seen. Hope to see you around there more…and here! lol

I’ve been terribly busy lately and haven’t knitted in I don’t know how long. We just moved into a new place over 4th of July weekend and are still unpacking and getting organized. I also started a new job, checker at a grocery store, and my wrist has been hurting really bad. Hopefully it’s just a matter of the muscles getting conditioned. Chat with ya soon!

cooperzmom!! Now I remember!! :happydance:

I think I might have even chatted with you in there too. How cool :cheering:

I remember reading your post a few days ago about Cooper and the water skiers. You have a very good looking lab :thumbsup:

Thank you! He is my sweet silly boober :)…isnt it funny how we find these different places to hang out?

Hey, does your lab like to SNORT yarn? Whenever I come home with a bag of yarn, he sticks his snout into it and snorts…doesnt matter whether its cotton, wool or acrylic, he has to snuffle and snort in it!

Thanks for the compliments on Cooper. My brother says he has a sea turtle head. I love the picture of Lucy in the center, she looks sooooooo sweet :lol:

Lucy will sniff out the yarn pretty good…but she hasn’t snorted it yet. Although, I haven’t had yarn out in awhile…loL.

My pooches sniff ALL bags…

[size=2]KellyK in doofus-puppy voice[/size]
EVERYTHING good comes in a BAG, Mom!!”

And I LOVE the way they have to blow all of the previous smells out of their noses so they can fit new smells in! :rofling:

my chow just grabs it a runs off with it. i get ir back packed with dog slobber