Kite not staying straight from corners

Why is my kite not staying flat and staight please on all corners? Tried blocking
Help is appreciated

Stockinette will normally curl like this. If the yarn got natural fibers you could try to block it (=wetting it and letting it dry in the shape you want it). For synthetic the blocking might not work well. In that case there is no other option (as far as I know) than knitting a border with some stitches that does not curl (garter, seed, moss, etc).

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You can try steam blocking for acrylic (and even wool if you’re careful).

Thanks salmonmac. I tried ironing it maybe I ironed it wrong so it’s not straight

You don’t want to touch the iron to the project. A hot iron can melt acrylic as the video cautions (see 8 min).
Steam is what you want in this case.

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