Kitchner Stitch with K, P, K, P pattern?

Can you help me? I am making a simple scarf for my grandson. I made a mistake on the striping and decided to take off the beginning 20 rows. I continued on making the scarf as if nothing happened. (after I picked up the stitches and made them safe)

I thought it would be easy to just act as if I was starting another scarf and then join them. I have not found it easy at all…

The stitch pattern is K, P, K, P, repeating on so that when I turn it, I continue the pattern; K, P, K, P.

I am trying to do the Kitchner Stitch, but must be doing something wrong. Can you lead me to a video clip of How To or be able to walk me through somehow?

My grandson will be back on Sunday, and I really want it finished by then.

Please help?!?!

Thank you sincerely,

Laura V.:gah:

Here’s a video for Kitchener on k1p1 rib that may help. You can skip the initial part of the video on provisional cast on since all your sts are live. There’s also a discussion here with written directions that may help. And here are directions for k2p2 rib grafting that you could modify for k1p1.

Thank you SO much! I’m gunna check 'em out right now. I really appreciate your time!