Kitchner stitch question

I just finished my first kitchner st and not sure how to secure it, or tie it off. I am really feeling silly about asking this, but it’s just not clicking. It is on the toe of a sock.:aww:

I just do it like the end of most any project. Take the tail to the wrong side and weave the tail in however you like to do that that. I don’t tie any knots but work the tail in for 2 or 3 inches and it won’t come out. With the toe of a sock I find I sometimes get little “ears” as the end of the kitchener stitch so I try to bring the tail to the inside in a way that flattens that a bit. Experiment.

Here is another idea I have found about handling the kitchener stitch and reducing the “ears”. LINK
I did this once and it worked well. It is Lucy Neatby’s idea she calls “Sock Toe Chimneys”.

Now that the Kitchner stitch works for me I turn the sock inside out and weave in the end for about 4"… snip off to about 4mm and then stretch it. So far so good.

Sounds good!

thanks so much! I just did not want all of that hard work to come out on me since it was in the toe of a sock. Thanks again!:slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I don’t blame you for not wanting to do it over another way. Maybe you can try that idea sometime in the future. :wink: