How do I handle finishing off the toe of a sock with the Kitchner stitch? My problem is that all of the sock patterns I see, assuming I’m reading them right, end in the middle of the sole of the foot, for example, three stitches either side. Do I knit almost all the way around one more time, or should I turn and purl back three stitches?

I purled the sock I just finished, and it looks OK for a first attempt at Kitchner, but I’d like to do it right.


Knit however many stitches into the next round that will bring you to the side of the foot so that you have your stitches evenly divided on the top and bottom of the foot. Then use kitchener stitch to close the toe. If you turn and purl back you could leave a little hole where you turned.

THANKS! I appreciate the advice. That’s what I was leaning towards trying on the mate to the first sock (which I turned and purled). I figure when they’re on my feet, no one will notice if they aren’t identical.

As soon as I finish this pair, I want to try a pair with short-row heels (as opposed to these that have a flap). I looked at some patterns, and I’m not 100% clear on wrapping the stitches, but I’m hoping it’ll make sense once I get there.