Kitcherner stitch for purl stitches

I already did the search option, but I’d like to double check if I understood this correct. Is kitchenering the purl stitches just doing the reverse from kitchenering the knit stitches? (so a knit stitch is knit, purl, purl, knit, will a purl stitch be purl, knit, knit purl?)

Is the project all purl or is it garter? There are instructions on the bottom of this page for grafting garter.

the project is some knits and some purls alternating: I’ll have 3 knits, 5 purls, 2 knits, 3 purls, 2 knits, 10 purls, 2 knits, 3 purls, 2 knits, 5 purls, 3 knits

You’ll want to find instructions for grafting in ribbing, that would show you how to alternate the stitches. Sorry I don’t know of any.

Someone from my snbgroup has found me some instructions: