Kitchener stitch

Is there a trick or tip anyone can share with me for dealing with the last 2 stitches when doing the kitchener stitch? I have no problems doing this technique until I come to the last 2 stitches. I’m not exactly sure if I’m doing it right. I’ve watched the video but it only shows part of the row. I keep getting a bump that is hard to hide.

When I get down to the last 2 sts what I do is work the first st pull tight and then leave it on the needle, then work the 2nd st pull tight and then remove them both from the needles at the same time. I then take the remaining tail and pull it through the toe of the sock and pull it snug, then weave it end. I think you get better Kitchener stitch the more you do it or it seemed to be that way for me :teehee:

I think this may have been mentioned before on here, but what I do is to slip the first stitch over the second for each end at the start of the kitchener stitch. This avoids those squared off corners and also makes 2 less stitches to kitchener together. :slight_smile: