Kitchener Stitch

When doing this stitch, Amy’s demo shows 2 pcs on two needles…How can you do this if you are putting peices together already finished…Like attatching sides or sleeves to a sweater? I am trying to get a better looking seam in my work…Mattress stitch is still not coming out even, because my finished edge is not even …any suggestions? Thanks Cheley :wall: :wall:

i think the only way you could do kitchner is if you had live stitches so you would either have to frog off your bindoff or pick up stitches in your bind off. i could be wrong about that though.

Yep, that’s how I understand it, too (after Ingrid straightened me out)! You need live stitches. I was doing kitchener on bound-off edges by sliding my needles back into the stitches, but it does NOT look great. Never thought of picking up stitches, though–what a good idea!