Kitchener stitch

Hi I am knitting this

I do not understand that it says keep knitting till length desired. When i join the provisional cast on and the end woth kitchener stitch surely that is the width . As this will make the hole to go through the head!
I wonder if i should divide the cadt on stitches in two and join them with kitchener stitch ,
Sorry to sound so daft

Hi and welcome!
Knit until you like the length around your neck. The sample in the photos was 20 inches long before it was seamed. When you join the cast on and the last row, yes, that’ll make a circle for your head.

I’m not sure what you mean by divide the cast on stitches in two? Then you won’t have a circle. What would you do with the cast off sts?

I like this pattern. It’s such soft cables. I’ve used Cascade Venezia before and it is a dream to work with (I don’t know if that’s the yarn you’re working with.)

Ok thank you .
I am thinking that is the width not the length.
I am using debbie bliss yarn baby cashmerino had left over . I have doubled it so it is like a double knit and have calculated stitches etc . Now i think i may have castes on too many stitches as it may be too wide .
So we did not want it too long but i have no option but to knit a bit longer or it won’t go through the head.
Thank you for your prompt reply.
You wouldn’t think i knitted this before too and used up some yarn i had left then!

Looking forward to seeing your completed cowl!

I will post a photo for sure

Did you figure out kitchener? That’s what I’ve been using on my xmas socks.


I am exploring the youtube videos . At present am retrieving the live stitches from cast on!
I have done this before but not with soo many stitches.

Thanks . Any tips appreciated

Kitchener will give you a lovely seamless join.
Three needle bind off gives a surdy join but will leave a seam. You might consider it however, if the Kitchener becomes too much.

So i finished it today thank you.
A bit longer than i would have liked as I got the length and circumference mixed up but still pleased with it.

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How soft and pretty! You worked this very nicely and it looks lovely.

Thank you . It actually is rialto 4 ply grom debbie bliss . I knitted with two strands and am pleased with the outcome too.

Great job! I like the color!

Thank you . It was left over from a baby shawl.