Kitchener stitch - wha?

I have just finished making a hood and I was hoping to do kitchener stitch up the back to join it - however I can’t seem to make heads nor tails from the pictures I have seen on the net. I am using my mom 's work computer and it doesn’t support the videos on this site and I don’t want to download anything onto it. Anybody have the patience to give me step by step instructions? or have a really great site to see how it is done not on video? thanks! Hope you are all having a good holiday season!

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Silver’s sock tutorial has a great set of instructions and pictures. VERY clear and detailed. I had absolutely NO problem doing a K graft the very first time I tried it.

I don’t have the actual url handy, but if you go to Google and just type in Silver’s Sock Tutorial I’m sure you’d find it immediately.

Good luck. Once you’ve done it a few times, you kinda get it in your head and probably won’t need the instructions anymore. But it is a GREAT technique to have in your knitting arsenal.