Kitchener stitch please?

I’m working on the sweater for my vintage doll’s outfit. I haven’t tried Kitchener stitch before, but I want to use it to join the shoulder seams. I watched a few videos online, and it seems there’s a few different methods. The KH video was by far the best, and made it look easy, so that’s the one I’m going with, for sure.

I’m sure I understand how to do the stitching, but for me (as always) the devil is in the details. :?? All the videos showed only the actual stitching, not the start and finish -

The sweater buttons down the back, and has simple cap sleeves.

So - I’ve knit the front, up to where the shoulder seams would be, then I guess I should put those stitches on stitch holders, cut the yarn and start knitting a back piece. When I get to the shoulder of the back piece, do I use the yarn that’s still attached to the ball (on the back piece) to do the Kitchener stitch with? And what about the yarn end on the front piece, will I be able to just weave it into the seam?

Videos are great, but sometimes text and photos help a lot. :thumbsup:

Just wanted to mention that Kitchener stitch will be okay for a doll’s sweater, but if you ever do a larger one for a child or adult, a 3 needle BO would be better. It’s more stable, like a sewn seam and since the weight of a bigger garment could pull and stretch the kitchener stiches.

I apologize if I’m totally dense - but I still don’t know what happens to that 2nd tail end of yarn. In this article she says to “divide the stitches evenly between 2 needles” - which means she only has the one tail-end, and that’s what every video I’ve looked at shows too. I’d be fine with that,

But I want to join 2 separate pieces - a front shoulder to a back shoulder - I understand I’m to use the tail of the piece I hold in back to do the stitching - but what about the other loose tail? It might be at the same end as the one I’m stitching with, or it might not. So, do I try to do that stitch (the one with the loose tail-end that I’m not stiching with) in the kitchener stitch pattern then try to weave the tail into the kitchener st seam? It’ll be a loose stitch, so…it’s hard to picture how it would work out…:?? I guess if you hold onto the tail firmly it might be ok?

I’ve got 2 test pieces ready to stitch. That’s a great article, and I’m so glad to have it - a definite keeper. And, I really do apologize for being so slow to pick this up - like I said the devil is in the details always, for me. I probably should add it to my “signature”. :roll:

You should be able to just weave it in. I’d start it from the front side so you can make it look nice where you kitchenered, then do as you normally do on the back.

Uh-oh…“do as I normally do on the back” ??

And do you mean you’d use the tail on the front piece to stitch with:, instead of the one at the back as she suggested in the article?

My suggestion, FWIW … or not…

Work 2 small swates and practice the Kitchener on them. In the photos it looks like she has 2 tails going. If you actually go through the steps, some of it might become more clear and you can see what happens, how to work it out. Just a thought. Kitchener scared me but turned out to not be so bad, I will have to open instructions before I do it again.

I understand the stitching part ok, the directions are really clear on that, I’m just not sure how that loosey-goosey stitch with the unused tail will work out.

Can you pull the tail so it tightens up that stitch?

Yes. That turned out to be a non-issue after all. Awkward but do-able. I think I’ve FINALLY got it :figureditout: I really appreciate everyone’s patience :hug: