Kitchener stitch for K & P sts?

I’ve done the Kitchener stitch before and was just getting a refresher–Amy’s video is the best! The live sts I have are seeded rib stitch, a two row pattern–

Row 1: K3 * p1, k3*
Row 2: K1 p1, k3 p1, k1

I think if I use the Kitchener stitch it will give me a row of stockinette and look odd. Is there a way to purl in Kitchener? I thought I had seen something about it but can’t find it again. Also, having started with Row 1, would I end with Row 1 and do a Row 2 pattern to join them?

I’ve gotten so much help here and now I’m like Oliver, I want more, please. :teehee:

This site has directions for Kitchener in seed stitch. I haven’t tried this myself but it seems reasonable. I have tried Amy’s modified Kitchener for ribbing and it works very well. If the first doesn’t do it maybe the second can be modified for seed stitch.

Thanks! I’ll give them a try. I knew I’d seen something but couldn’t find it again.

I have come very close to maintaining my pattern, I am totally convinced it can be done, the only question is, how determined am I right now?

This is quite a learning experience. Wow. Tinking is one thing [I][B]gnirenehctiK[/B][/I] is a whole different dimension. All in all this isn’t too bad, just that it requires concentration and keeping track of [I]exactly[/I] where I am in the pattern. I’ve ended up saying, “knit-off, purl-hold” or whatever fits for the stitch I’m working on. Amy’s instructions are fantastic, I just have to figure out what works for me from them. If the next stitch is a purl, then it’s “knit-hold” and on the back needle “purl-hold.” I don’t expect this to make much sense to anyone else, I just mean to say that if you need/want to do it, [B]figure out what works for you and go for it![/B] Now, because I made some boo boos I must decide if I’m [I][B]gnirenehctiK[/B][/I] or adding a design element to disguise it. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the help!

You’ll be the expert on Kitchener seed st. I hope to see your video soon!

If I can get a video camera I’ll try it, you can sell tickets! Who wouldn’t pay to hear someone jabbering away incoherently while screwing up and trying to pronounce unpronouncable words and having hair falling all over the yarn because I’m now nearly bald and maybe it’s a good thing this is supposed to end up a hat what’s losing the last bit of semblance of sanity when you actually get it to come out right…I’m sorrry, right now I am LOL till my eyes are watering and I can barely see…