Kitchener stitch bind-off ITR?

Okay, so I’m almost done with my first toe-up sock, using the magic loop method. I’m thrilled, and it’s been easy so far. I’ve done the leg in single ribbing. In one of my knitting books, it says you can use the kitchener-stitch bind-off in the round (but of course the book doesn’t elaborate). I know how to work this bind-off flat. Can someone help me with how it is done in the round? I’m guessing that any major differences will be with how I begin and end, but I’m not sure what exactly I’d have to do differently. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :think:

Although there are probably instruction on the KH site, these are the ones I used to learn Grafting or Kitchener and most likely what you’ll need: You will more than likely need to divide the sts in half, placing half on two needles. I’ve not done toe up socks yet so not sure but it should work. HTH Mary

down near the bottom of the page, there is a video that shows the kitchner stitch… I found it very useful when i had to do this on a baby hood for the first time!

Here is a site I found that tells about how to do a kitchener bind off for toe up socks.

Another bind off that would work in this situation is called a sewn bind off, I believe. I have done it in the round and it works and is easy to do. Here’s how. Cut your yarn leaving a generous tail. Thread it onto a tapestry needle. Run the needle through the first 2 stitches purlwise, then back through the first one knitwise. Now slide that first stitch off. You just keep doing that over and over. Run through 2 purlwise, then back through the first of those knitwise, then take it off. When you have done all of the stitches and have one left, I run it through that one purl wise and into the first little finished bump on the left, purlwise also and then do whatever seems good.