Kitchener Questions

I’ve watched the video, and I’ve even done it… but I still have 2 questions.

1- What do you do with the last 2 stitches? You get down to the end and you have 2 stitches left, your pattern doesn’t work at that point. Luckily my last 2 stitches were hidden under the pick up stitches, but I know I didn’t do them right.

2- How do you estimate the length of the tail you need? I did the standard 3x the length plus a bit, and I wound up with maybe an inch left over after tightening up the stitches. That was cutting it a bit close.

Any other tips or hints?

I learned the Kit st from the video “Sock II How to Knit 2 Socks at the Same Time” by Knitting Korner w/ Nenah Galati.

When left w/one st on each needle, Nenah did the front needle’s st as to knit and off the needle. Then the back needle’s st as to purl and off the needle. The needles were then empty. I do it her way & it works for me.

As for how much yarn tail to allow, I always over estimate. She says to cut a 10" tail.

  1. The last two stitches are just like when you do the others. You just won’t have the second one on either needle.

  2. I wrap the yarn 10 times around the needle and then estimate the length based on that. I’ve gotten pretty good at guessing now, but sometimes I still goof.

Some people use two balls of yarn or use both ends of the yarn from the inside and outside of the skein. You never end up with it too short doing that, but it’s not always practical.