Kitchen scrubber material?

I posted this request on another forum board and thought it may be more suitable on this board.

My mother used to make some kitchen scrubbers using a nylon-type netting material. My mother has passed on and I recently took up knitting and would like to make some of these scrubbers because they’re absolutely the best srubbers ever made. I only have one left and I’ve looked everywhere for this nylon-type netting material she used. Has anyone ever made such an item and where did you get your supply for this item? (This could possibly be a crocheted project, as well, since she knitted and crocheted.)

Any information or suggestions for these scrubbers would be most appreciated.

:shrug: I found this pattern but I’m not sure if it’s what you had in mind or not…

hi, try buying nylon netting at a fabric store, the patterns I see cut the nylon netting into 2 inch strips, tie them together to make a ball and then crochet them…hope this helps

Thanks so much for both responses…now I’m excited…because I now have a pattern, as well!!! I can’t wait to get started on these!!!