Kirchner Stitch DUH Question

Hi everyone…I am not liking my seaming method (mattress) When Kirchner stitch is used, you need LIVE STITCHES, do you “pick up” stitches or do you keep them “live” on a needle?:aww: In other words, can I use this (Kirchner) to seam up a hat that’s made flat:aww: Thanks all…

You would have to use a provisional cast on so that when you are finished you can remove the first row of sts . You will then have live sts at each end and can proceed with Kirchner. There used to be a free hat pattern at KP for doing this.:star:

oooops my mistake - tht would only work if you were knitting the hat sideways instead of top to bottom. sorry:oops:

Kitchener stitch is used only on beginning and/or end stitches, not the edge stitches. So you could use it at the top, but not to seam up the sides.