Kira's Crocheted Cupcake Hat and Scarf!

[I][SIZE=4]From Twinkie Chan’s Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies, Adorable Cupcake Hat and Scarf…just had to crochet this for my granddaughter’s 6th Birthday! She loved it…the hat fit great…she picked it out of the book for me to make…how could I resist? LOL! Twinkie makes all kinds of food hats and scarves…very creative and unique! I had a lot of fun making it…the mini pom poms were glued on using fabric glue…others have sewn beads on!


Can’t see the hat very well, but the scarf is adorable. And you have a cutie for a granddaughter, too!

Good job on these and on making the little one all smiles!!

I can’t believe nobody else has commented on these cute FOs. Maybe some folks didn’t see the post?? Anyway, I’ll say it again: Great job on these!

But where can I get the pattern? I have twin grandchildren I would love to make these for.
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Karen: It looks like she got the pattern from the book she mentions.

You can get it on Amazon here:

…just had to crochet this for my granddaughter’s 6th Birthday! She loved it…

How sweet! The scarf and hat are cute too. Lucky grandma and granddaughter. :yay: You made a very lovely gift for a very lovely girl.

Free pattern for this at

I love the colors you used on this scarf. Very cute! I want to make some for my granddaughters - they’ll love them.

[I][SIZE=4]Thanks everyone! I forgot to check back here and read the comments…LOL! Yes, I got the pattern from Twinkie Chan’s book! My little granddaughter loved it!
Merry :heart: