KIPer Bags from Knit Picks

I am looking for a knitting bag and I am considering the KIPerbag from Knit Picks. I read a couple of posts regarding the bags and see that several of you find that you really like them.

What I am curious to know about is how they hold up over time. How sturdy are these bags? I usually just use a tote bag, or my daughters backpack…I’d like to upgrade. :teehee: And I need a bag for some of my larger projects like a blanket or large sweater.

Thanks! :smiley:

A co-knitter in my Saturdayknit group has them…She likes the size, but this is what she is a bit disappointed in

  1. The black fabric seems to pill.
  2. If you don’t attach he smaller purse part on the outside, you have these pokie outie things on the outside that get in the way.

Just got a Jordana page bag christmas which I love and I have a larger bag from Trendsetter which is larger that I use for multiple or larger projects.

The Trendsetter bag is about $55 and the JP bag was closer to $90 but very fashionable.

So, I spent more money, but I love both my bags.

I’ve just recently starting thinking about the KIPer bag too…in the end I think I’ll stich to just a random tote but I do like the looks of them…let us know if you get one…I’d be curius to know what you think.

I have a KIPer bag… have for several months now and so far my fabric hasn’t started to pill… and is holding up very well… I do keep the organizer part on cause its also my purse… I need to get the medium though… the small I find doesn’t hold that much :teehee:

I am not familiar with the Trendsetter Bag? I did check out the Jordana bag when I first started looking, it’s nice, but not really what I am looking for right now. I love anything in pink so the trendsetter bag definately caught my eye. Where can you purchase it from?

I just got the Namaste messenger bag, and I :heart: it.

(just means it came yesterday. :rofl: )

It’s a bit pricey–Kemp’s store, at, has the cheapest price for $55.99 (that’s 20% off.) It has soooo many pockets, and it’s expandable. I’m going to use it as my every day bag. :cheering:

I’m thinking of getting this one! :inlove:

oooh! :inlove: good choice!
a fellow knitting mom at TKD told me the Vera Bradley Villager would be her #1 choice for a new knitting bag. I’ve been eyeing Bermuda Pink, Chelsea Green, Mesa Red, and Piccadilly Plum for a while now.

I use my Vera Bradley Handbag as a small knitting bag. it holds a scarf or other small project and my knitting toolbag really nicely.


Oh my keep those ideas coming! I have so many choices now. I love anything pink and some of those bags are definately caughting my eye!!

Edited to add…

I tried to do a google search for the pink Trendsetter bag that Deeknit posted a picture of, but couldn’t find anything at all. It’s one I would like to check out. I also liked the the one from Diva Knits.

Oh my too many great choices… :passedout:

I :heart: my KIPer bag. I have had mine for six months. I carry it everyday, it has held up really well. I should have bought a smaller one, though.

Here you go for the nylon knitting bag.

Go to accessories and bags.

Thanks for the link, I did a bit of searching yesterday but didn’t find the pink bag available…found out it was discountinued. I even tried ebay, but no luck. So I was pretty sure I was going to get the knit picks larger bag…but wanted to wait.

Today I checked ebay and actually found a pink one :cheering: and it didn’t cost any more that it would if I bought it retail. Still considering the knit pics since I could always use more bags! :teehee:

I just ordered this one. I can’t wait to get it :slight_smile:

What a cute bag!

I like that one… let us know how it is when you get it… :happydance:

I like the keylime and mandarin too… :inlove: