KIPed on Friday

Knitted at a 100 year old Opera House on Friday! Had a really interesting knitting started conversation while there, and someone on stage was actaully knitting!!! :open_mouth: :woot: It was really fun. One more place added to my resume… LOL

Was it at the Opera House in Toronto?
(Bar named ‘Opera House’)

Nooooo… LOL, besides the fact I’m a non drinker (family history causes me to be wary in that area) I’m underage and I don’t think I’d be allowed there! lol

No, it’s a place in MO, near Joplin. It’s the Greenfeild Opera house. It’s astounding. We were there to watch a play on the Orphan train, as the orphan train REALLY did pass through Dade county, and the orphans were sat down on that very same opera house stage. But any who, I’m getting excited. LOL