Why is it the when I KIP, I am the object of such curiosity? Four different people in a waiting room yesterday commented about my knitting. I don’t like people staring at me, and people kept watching me work. Can we make knitting less noticeable by doing it in public more often so I don’t get so many looks? :slight_smile:

Oh, yes, I’ve also been asked if I was playing Madame Defarge. Should I be offended?

Well, a) knitting is fun to watch and people were probably marveling at your technique and 2) there’s not much to do in a waiting room if you don’t have a good book. Lucky for you, you had your knitting along with you. I love knitting in public!

I don’t like being looked at either, but it doesn’t bother me when I knit because they aren’t look at ME they are looking at my knitting. It’s not often seen in public so it’s fascinating. I’m always polite and answer their questions. Maybe we’ll bring in some new knitters. :thumbsup:

I usually get told that their aunt/grandmother/mother used to knit/crochet. Then they ask what I’m making. What I don’t understand is why they ask who it’s for :??. When they tell me they don’t have the patience to knit, I point out that I can wait all day and not get antsy because knitting [I]gives[/I] me patience.

There is no way to get around people looking, and it’s more interesting for them to watch knitting than to watch someone mess around with their iphone.

KIP and be proud!!

Thanks for the encouragement. I always try to carry my knitting with me so if I have some spare time it’s not wasted.
I guess I’m a little too self-conscious; something I should work on. :wink:

I am just a big ole show off as I really only do two things well, cook and knit! lol So, I definitely don’t discourage people watching or asking. In fact, a couple weeks ago my husband was having a nuclear stress test (which takes 3-4 hours) and it wears him out so I always drive him home. I was sitting knitting on those darn mittens in the waiting area and one of the hospital employees came up and started talking to me. Well, she ended up standing there at least half an hour with me showing her other stuff I had knit from pics on my facebook page on my Iphone. I always encourage everyone to take up the hobby and especially those who say they can’t do it. I tell them if I can do it, you sure can because I knit left handed so all the patterns are backwards for me to read. lol We are going on a cruise in Sept and I am taking my knitting so it will be interesting to see what happens at the pool with my big ole I Love Lucy bag full of knitting stuff sitting there knitting birthday and Christmas socks for the kids and grandkids! They will probably all think I am nuts to be on a Caribbean vacation on a beautiful cruise ship and sitting there knitting!:rofl:

I think any attention that knitting or crocheting gets is good attention. However, I’m sorry to hear it made you so self-conscious! That’s always awkward! But I agree with others–they’re focusing on your hands and what you’re doing and not on you specifically. I would definitely take that as a compliment.

As for the Madame Defarge comment–definitely NOT a compliment since she was the villain in [I]A Tale of Two Cities[/I] who knits the names of intended victims of the revolution (i.e., marked for guillotine) into her work.

Of course, Defarge may be the only instance of knitting that person knows, but still . . . . . .??? I suppose you could reply by saying: “Yes, now how do you spell your name?” and see if they get it!

OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing at your comment you said she should direct back at the dope who asked if she was playing Defarge. Personally, the person had ego problems and thought throwing out a name most people didn’t know would make them look smarter. All it did was make them look ignorant, frankly.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Oh, that is so funny!!! I am, seriously, rolling on the floor!!!
Oh, no, though, the lady who asked me is someone I know, she was just teasing me.
I must say though, Madame Defarge is quite the villain. Quite a terrifying book to read!!!
You are all so funny, I’m so glad I found you! It’s hard to find kindred spirits these days. A few of my friends know how to knit, but aren’t really into it. One gal I know knits a lot, but I don’t see her hardly ever. It’s nice to be able to discuss things with you very knowledgeable people.
BTW, does anyone know how old the youngest member on the site is?

We’ve had members as young as 10 I think, but that’s rare and they don’t stay long. As with most kids they don’t usually have the attention span or understand our adult jokes or explanations.

Oh, okay, just wondering. I’m sixteen, and was just wondering if I’m “too young”.

Too young? Heck, no! Obviously, there’s no age requirement to post to this site, so as long as you enjoy posting here and find value in doing so, then by all means post away.

I’ve found that this site is for everyone–females, males, young people, old people, young at heart people, people who never want to grow up, etc, etc.

Our common bond is knitting, and that trumps everything else.

So please keep posting. I enjoy reading your comments/questions, and I’m always thrilled to see [U]everyone’s[/U] new knitted and crocheted creations!

Good for you! :thumbsup:I imagine that’s one reason people were looking at you knitting. See people knitting isn’t common to begin with and young person even more so! I think it’s great that you’re knitting and KIP! Maybe you’ll bring some more young people to knit!

I’ve got to tell you this. I was in the transit center waiting for a bus. This teen kid walked in wearing gang attire and looking all bad a*&. He looked like he was asking for trouble, right? He watched me knit for a while and told me that his mother knit. She taught him how. Knitting is fun, he said. lol Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. lol

Hahaha! You all are so funny!

Thank you!!!

Well I’ve been knitting in public quite a bit. Including at work, though I’m told it’s distracting to hear “click, click, click” while somebody’s on the phone. But since nobody has told me to stop, I’m gonna keep right on doing it. I do have quite a few people stop and watch for a few minutes, then make asinine comments. I usually just smile and nod.