KIP - Iowa Truckstop

This morning I tossed the Irish Hiking Scarf I’ve been working on for what seems like forever now into my backpack and headed into the truckstop for some coffee and breakfast.

While I was waiting for my food I pulled out the knitting and set to work on it to pass the time. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had any time to knit and it was nice to be able to relax with the needles for a while.

Naturally I noticed some of my fellow truckers checking out what I was doing while trying to not look like they were checking it out. None of them said anything about it one way or the other which was fine with me.

The waitress finally couldn’t stand it any longer and asked about it so I showed it to her and explained what it was. She was curious about the Options as she’d never seen anything like them before.

After that some of the drivers must have felt it was “safe” to mention it and starting making comments or asking questions about it. A couple of the other waitresses came over to check it out too and this caused one driver to comment that it seemed to him like a good way to meet women and I agreed. Of course some of the comments were the usual “I would never have the patience for that”. I hear that one a lot.

I can’t help but be amused at how uncomfortable it makes some people when they are faced with something unusual that doesn’t quite fit into their neat little stereotypes.

I did manage to get several rows done, a couple of cables worth, in between the questions and comments. Now I have to hit the road again, for a couple of hours, and will have a little more knitting time this evening. I can’t believe how much I missed my knitting time lately.

I’m glad you had some knitting done:cheering:! Maybe you should make a rule for yourself - knit 10 minutes every day? People are funny, aren’t they? I was KIPing in the hospital the other day and everyone looked at me like i’m a weirdo… I even tried to take the knitting with me to the OR :teehee:…

That’s great, Mason! I’m glad you got some knitting time in!

I guess men knitting causes a stir because you don’t see it too often, but men do lots of other small motor things with their hands (whittling, painting, carving) so it really shouldn’t be a big deal. I love hearing your stories of the attention it attracts though. You are the Ambassador of Knitting Truckers. :wink: BTW…have you met any others? I think I remember a crocheter… :think:

Happy for you!

About the guy thing. It was kind of neat. I ‘accosted’ a couple walking their baby one day to try on the Bolero I made for a friends baby to see if my sizing was okay.

Anyways the wife said she was trying to knit. Her teacher is her husband’s best friend.

I thought that was great! and told them so too!

I am not sure if it is the novelty of a man knitting or knitting itself. I get lots of questions when I knit in public. Even the “you look too young to be a grandmother.” Huh? Obviously they haven’t been anywhere near yarn lately!

Glad you had a nice morning knitting, even if people were asking you lots of questions!


Tthe baby sack is great! Looks like sometihng I ought to make for my son’s friend’s who just had a baby![/B]

[B]I don’t see why it’s so STRANGE for a guy to knit. I know it’s UASUALLY a womans craft, but… In [B]World War ll[/B] the Sailors had to knit in the Navy.

I don’t think it’s in here… but a family member told me this when we were talking about ood stuff men use to have to do in the Navy.



You think a guy knitting gets stares?! Try dealing with the stares women get when nursing in public (despite the fact that they are completly coverd!)


Yeah, that’s nothing new. People freak out over all sorts of silly things.

I wish I could make such a rule but honestly some days I barely have time to grab a bite to eat on the run.

So far I’ve only met the one crocheter. I know there are others because I’ve heard them call in and talk about it on the trucker’s channel on satellite radio. It’s becoming a more popular hobby among truckers although still pretty rare yet.

““I would never have the patience for that”. I hear that one a lot.”

Funny, I hear that all the time too.:teehee: It gets rid of all my stress. Go figure.

I was knitting on the bus to and from school today, it was our first day back. There were new kids (freshmen) who didn’t see me knit last year so some sitting close by asked me what it was and stuff. I did get a “Heyyy that’s coool what’cha doing there”

Little jr. was at my house this weekend, and saw me knitting. He turned off the t.v. and ran over, “Can I watch you yarn?” I said sure. He watched me knit a preemie cap for almost an hour in fascination…a 6 year old boy…if he can concentrate on ME knitting for an hour, I think a truck driver (or anyone for that matter) could muster up the patience to knit. :teehee:

We had a BBQ later that night, and Little jr. told all of the other little kids that “My second mommie can yarn…uh…I mean knit!” One of the little girls (7 years old) responded with “I know, she knits with my mommie, and I can knit too. But that’s because I’m a big girl. You have to be 7 to knit.” Little jr. responded with “well second mommie showed me how to knit last month, and I was 6 then. So boys can knit earlier than girls.”

I think the whole knitting in public thing can be hard for people to take in. I used to take my knitting to my cousin’s hockey games and people would always stare and kind of snicker. Sometimes someone would ask what I was making, but usually people would just stare. I think the whole knitting in public thing needs to become more common before people stop staring so much!

Enjoy the corn! :wink:

Being a new knitter, I have had a few people when they see me knit, ask: I didn’t think people still knit, I remember my grandma did?

Does that comment age me?

Personally, I wouldn’t have the patience to drive a truck cross-country. :shrug:

No kidding. I don’t think my butt could handle it either. :teehee:

I have to be honest though…I have been a knitter since 1995 and I have never actually seen a man knit…in the wild, so to speak, although I know you guys are out there. I did see a guy crocheting once at a camp site about 5 years ago.

I guess I din’t notice the stares, or don’t care when I knit in public! LOL