King Cole sweater measurement confusion


I’m doing the second size btw .
This patten a confusing me because when I finish the 63 rows it already creates over 46cm, the length is between 48-49cm and so I’m confused how the patten says continue until the arm measures 46cm when the instructions don’t match up or am I measuring the arm wrong?

I’m measuring from the start of the ribbing to the bottom of the knitting needle

Also this has happened with the main sweater front piece aswell where following the instructions leads me to having more length than what the pattern calls for in the next set of instructions in the making of the arm holes at the sides


Welcome to KH!
It may be that you have a different row gauge than that given for the pattern. You can measure the row gauge that you’re getting on the sleeve that you’ve already knit and compare it to the gauge given for the pattern.
Most of us try to get stitch gauge but ignore row gauge. You pattern however specifies a number of rows to work. In that case, I would pay more attention to the actual measurement, 46cm, than to the number of rows.


Thanks for replying and welcoming me , the pattern has only a gauge for the cable pattern tensio nothing else, this pattern feels like it doesn’t match up to the rows and measurements

It’s my first time knitting a sweater but I thought it would be easier.

Also would you measure the armholes from the start of the decrease to the top of the needle?


Even if the tension or gauge is given for the cable portion, does it give a row gauge? What is that gauge?
Usually the pattern tells you to measure up from the first armhole cast off or decrease or some such indication. Is there a schematic with the pattern?
What is the name or number of the pattern?