King cole professor owl

I am new to this forum so I hope I’m doing this right.
I am currently knitting the professor owl (king cole pattern) I am doing it in one colour which the pattern states I need 6x50g of tinsel wool for the body. I have knitted the body but only used 2 and a bit balls of wool, so now I’m confused!
So what I was wondering is do i need to knit another body and sew them both together then stuff?
The pattern doesn’t say make 2 and it doesn’t say make 2 on the feet but the owl has 2 so I made 2.

Hope this makes sense and someone will know what I have to do.

Welcome to the forum!
Are there instructions for Finishing? They might indicate whether one or two pieces are needed for the body. The Ravelry page is confusing too as it indicates 3 x 50gm for a single color owl and there are no project notes from knitters to help out.

If the directions for completing don’t help and you can’t tell from the finished size, it’s an idea to contact King Cole and ask for an explanation.