King Cole pattern 5648

I’m an Irish Granny well used to knitting even Aran Sweaters which have plenty of difficult patterns. However I’m knitting this cardigan and am having difficulty understanding the pattern. The pattern is knitted in one piece cuff to cuff. I’m just now completing the left sleeve and can’t seem to get any further. After completing the sleeve I have 104 stitches. The pattern then says: Cast on 86 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows. It does not say knit the first row to the end and then turn and cast on 86 stitches. Is this the correct understanding?

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You have the correct idea. Cast on the 86sts then knit across them and the body of the sweater to the end of the row. Turn and then cast on another 86sts at the beginning of the row.

Thanks I presumed that but googled abs found this great forum. Really appreciate your help.

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