King Cole pattern 5344

Hi All,

Apologies in advance, but my knowledge of knitting is more or less zilch.

I’d like to buy my sister a knitting pattern (and yarn) as a Christmas gift. She has been knitting for years, mainly jumpers, hats and toys for her kids and grandkids. Recently, I asked her through conversation whether she could do cable knitting, and her response was. “Yes, I have done cable knitting before, would need to re-learn a little.”.

So my question is, does she have the experience to knit King Cole pattern 5344, or would it be too tricky for her?

I’d ask her myself, only I don’t want to give the game away.

Any thoughts?

Plodd x

Welcome to KH!
That’s a lovely idea for a gift. The sweater is beautiful with lots of cable braids.

There will be some shaping in addition to the cables but it sounds like your sister has the experience to take this on and enjoy it. The yarn weight is aran which is thick enough to make a beautiful sweater but not so thin as to take a long time to knit.
We’re always here to help out if she should run into any questions or problems, too.

What a lovely thoughtful gift.
Just give her this forum address and she’ll be fine. The support here is amazing; quick friendly answers and lots of help and encouragement. I have had lots of help and learned a great deal.

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You took the words out of my mouth! The invitation to this forum would be a wonderful gift, in and of itself. With a fun and challenging pattern and the right amount of the right yarn, it becomes a really special Christmas present.

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Another thought.
If you have seen a cable needle (or a double pointed needle) in her kit you won’t need to add any to this gift, but if you’ve never seen one it might be worth getting one. They can be as cheap as £2 for a set of 2 (one thinner, one thicker). Some times they come free with a set of knitting needles (mine did), they don’t need to be fancy or expensive.

Thank you SO much for your help and advice. I’ll go ahead and order the pattern, then undoubtedly spend the next month deciding which colour yarn to choose, chopping and changing my mind. There’s too much choice! P.S. I will definitely tell my sister about this forum in case she needs any help.

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