King Cole pattern 4818

There is something wrong here. Back shows 15 rows after shaping armholes to get to 25 cm
Front left and front right knit over 50 rows after start of shaping arm hole and are meant to also show arm hole at 25cm. If you follow pattern these armholes are approx. 42 cms.
I’m an old hand at knitting so please help. I have sent message to King Cole also seeking help.

Sending a message to the publisher is a good idea. Is there a schematic with the pattern? Does the length match the schematic? You can use the row gauge given in the pattern to check the approximate number of rows per 25cm.
Can you measure the length of a sweater or jacket that you have to see how the length compares?

24 stitches and 25 rows to 10cm (4“) over pattern using 5mm knitting needles or the size required to give the correct tension

Gauge copied from the ravelry page. 50+ rows would indicate a 25cm armhole. (I make it 62 or 63 rows for 25 cm)
15 rows for the back sounds wrong, a typo perhaps or something missing.
If you are getting 42cm for the front armhole though this may be a gauge problem.

I hope you hear from the publisher.

Thanks for your help. Hopefully publisher will come back.