King cole pattern 3157

Hi I am new here and hope maybe someone has tried this pattern before. I just bought it when I was on holiday and thought that I was going mad with jet lag and couldn’t get past the 3rd row of the pattern.

I am sure that there is a miss print on the 1st Row pattern as is as follows starting with 122 stitches:
K1 * K2tog, yfwd, K1, sl1 K1, psso, K5, rep from* to last stitch K1
this reduces the row by 7 stitches, which then leaves you 7 stitches short on the next pattern row. I think there should be a second yfwd before sl1 K1? It seems to be the only way that the rest of the pattern can work.
Thanks for any help.


There should be another yfwd/yo somewhere to keep the sts the same number, unless a following row has an extra one. You can try searching for errata on the internet.