King cole pattern 3130

Hi, I’m currently knitting the men’s sweater from this pattern, and am finding part of the patter a bit confusing… Was wondering if anyone has knitted this pattern before and could give me a hand?

This is the part I am stuck on…
Shape front of neck:
(43 stitches currently)
K2, k3tog, patt 25, turn.
Dec 1st at neck edge on every row. [B]At the same time dec 2 sts at raglan edge as before on every following alt row until 8 sts rem. This completes neck shaping.
Dec 2 sts at raglan edge only as before on every foll alt row until 4 sts rem, ending with RS facing for next row.
K1, k3 tog (2sts)
K2tog and fasten off.
Slip remaining 13 sts from base of neck shaping onto spare needle or stitch holder.
With RS facing, rejoin yarn to rem sts, cast off centre 8 sts at base of opening, pattern to end.

Welcome to KH!
You’re going to be working on the left side of the front and decreasing for the neck and raglan shoulder at the same time. It helps to draw this out on paper and mark off the decreases as you go along.
So k2, k3tog, pattern 25 and then turn. Dec one st at the neck edge on this row (row 2) and on rows 3,4,5,6 etc. Dec 2sts at the raglan sleeve edge on every other row, so that’s rows 3,5,7,9etc. until there are 8sts left on the needle.
If that doesn’t answer the question or get you started, come on back.

Where do these other 13 stitches come from? Is that the remainder from when I turn the work?
So I’m actually only using 30 stitches?

Yes, when you turn, you’ll be leaving 13 sts unworked on the left needle. Now you go back to those sts.
Is it this man’s sweater?
Are the 13sts part of a collar?

Yes it’s that sweater. Ahhhhh! I couldn’t find any reference to the extra stitches until you mentioned the collar.
Thank you so much! The rest of the pattern makes so much more sense now! :woot:

I may be back for help with the collar! The pattern looks rather confusing!

Please do come back and ask if something doesn’t make sense. We’re all happy to help.