King Cole DK 5648 Where do I use the circular needle?

Hi, I’ve just bought this pattern and although the pattern asks for a 4mm circular needle, I can’t see any reference in the instructions as to where it’s actually used. I’m a fairly experienced knitter, but have never used a circular needle. Could some please enlighten my addled brain? Many thanks.

I’m pretty sure the circular is just so you have enough length to fit all the stitches and to reduce strain from the weight of the project which can come from very long straight needles. With a circular the weight of the garment can sit on your lap.
If you don’t have a circular you would need very long straight needles I think but perhaps you do have these if you an experienced knitter.
I think it’s cuff to cuff isn’t it so you have the length of the body right across a needle and work “sideways” to create the vertical stripe.

Maybe now is the time to buy a circular and give it a go? Less strain on wrists and joints. You’d still be working back and forth and turning each end.

Having said all that, i haven’t read the pattern and there’s a chance that it’s worked a different way.

Thanks for such a prompt reply. That was what I had assumed, but as no specific mention was made, I was loath to start it and then have to unravel or toss in the corner in despair!:joy:
I do have a circular needle, so will give it a whirl. Thanks again.

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Yes some patterns are very clear where to switch to the circular and others don’t say a word. I had a top on a single circular which should have been knit on 2 circulars at once…things got a bit tricky there for a while!

You won’t need to despair, there’s lots of help and support here. I get help all the time, it’s great because everyone can help each other.


Is this your pattern? I agree that a circular needle is needed to hold all the stitches. Looks like a fun knit.


That’s the one! It caught my eye when searching for something totally different. It says it’s “Easy Knit”which it will be, now that the instructions have been made clear. Thanks.

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