King Cole Comfort 4ply or DK booties 3116 Pattern

Hi, could anyone of you more experienced knitters out there explain what this bit of pattern means

Beg with a Krow work 4 rows in st-st.
Next row (making a ridge): *Ktog 1st from needle and 1st from1st row of st-st rep from * to end
Work 3 rows in gst

Many thanks

This is a way of creating a fold or welt in the knit fabric.
This video shows one way to do it. It shows a picot edge which isn’t what you have but the idea of working 2sts together, one live stitch and one picked up from several rows below is the same.

Here’s also a tutorial from Knit Picks is case it’s easier to follow.
I like the idea of picking up all the sts from the row below on a smaller needle. It ensures that yuo’ll have an equal number of sts to work together.