King Cole 4986 help!

Hi all,
I am a amateur knitter and I’ve just started a project for myself knitting a cardigan. I am struggling to break down what the next set of instructions is telling me to do and desperately need someone to decode it for me please ! So having just done 7 rows of k1, p1 the 8th row is asking this:

8th Row: Rib 5, rib2tog, (rib 6, rib2tog) 4 times, rib 5.


  1. What is it asking me to do?
  2. How do I rib ?

Thank you so much

The knit 1, purl 1 pattern is rib - when you come to where you’ll purl 2 together, if the next stitch is a knit, knit 2 together (or purl 2 together if it’s a purl stitch), then work the next 6 stitches as they appear.
I’m assuming you start every row with knit - work the first 5 stitches as they appear, purl the next 2 sts together, work the next 6 as they appear. Repeat rib 6 stitches, work 2 together, until you only have 5 stitches left.
Hope that makes sense!

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Adding to shintoga’s advice.
When you see instruction in brackets (like this) do Everything inside the brackets the number of times it states outside the brackets.
(rib 6, rib2tog) 4 times

With ribbing you can always look at the stitch you are about to work on the left needle. If it is a knit (looks like a V shape) then knit it. If it is a purl (looks like a line across - or a bump) then purl it. This is “reading” the knitting and will be a great help to gradually learn to do as you explore different patterns.

Good luck with the cardigan, what pattern is it?
I hope you’ll show us a pic when it’s done.

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@Shintoga thank you so much for the break down, I’ll be honest I had to read it about 3 times to understand it lol but I think I’ve just about got it

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Yes I was a bit confused with the pattern because it started by instructing me to k1, p1 and repeat but then it asked me to rib 5 but I thought that they were both the same thing so I just wanted to check incase I had to do something different for the “rib” section


Glad I could help :slight_smile: