king cole 4970

Hi I’m Jen and new on here. I am knitting the king cole 4970 pattern cardigan.

9th row: k1, yfwd, yrn, p1, p3tog, p1, yon, k2, yfwd, yrn, p1, p3tog, p1, yon, k2
10th row: purl
11th row: knit
12th row: purl
9th to 12th row setts lace pattern
Working in lace pattern as set (throughout) work 2 rows more without shaping
Next row: Cast off 3 stitches, pattern to end [12 stitches]
Next row: Patt.
Work two rows dec 1 st at neck edge in every row [10 stiches]
Work 5 rows dec 1 st at neck edge in next and every following alt row [7 stitches]
Work 3 rows more without shaping

I think that this is what i need to to do:
13th row: same as 9th row
14th row: purl
15th row: cast off three stitches then knit to end
16th row purl
17th row: don’t know
18th row decrease 1 and purl to end
19th row: decrease 1 and knit to end
20th row: purl
21st row decrease 1 and dont know
22nd row purl
23rd row decrease 1 and knit to end

Please can anyone help :grinning:

Welcome to KH!
For rows 17 and 21, work the lace pattern. You won’t be able to start the pattern exactly as given in row 9 but either account for the decreased sts or, better yet, look at your knitting and figure out how to maintain the columns of lace. Then count back in the row 9 pattern to where you should start the lace pattern. You want to keep the columns of yarn overs and knits aligned without a jog in the pattern.