King Cole 4548 4 Ply

Hi, I have a query on an instruction in this pattern. I have knitted all parts (the back, both left and right fronts and the sleeves) ready to sew together but I think I may have misunderstood this part of the pattern relating to the two fronts:

…Inc 1 st at front edge on every foll alt row to 33[33 : 31 : 32] sts, then every foll 4th row to 35[38 : 40 : 44]sts.

I have read the pattern to mean every foll 4th row being 4th K row (so therefore every 8th row including the purl row) The reason I’m sure I’ve made a mistake is because I have an excess ‘tail’ that doesn’t line up when I have pinned the raglans together.

Could I have your advice please.
Many thanks.

Yes, it would mean every 4th row rather than every 4th knit row so your shaping is likely out.
Could you perhaps post a photo of your pieces where the raglan edges seam together?
I’m just wondering if you might be able to ease in the raglan edge on the seaming rather than undo your sleeves. It might be easier for someone to advise if they can see what you’ve actually got.

Thank you,


Here is a photo of the front piece with the tail overhanging the top. I guess I will have to take it back to the cast off stitches at the beginning of the raglans.

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Oh yes, I see how much longer it is.
I think the best solution is as you’ve said to rip back to the error and reknit it.
Do you know how to put a life line in to help with the ripping back?
I tend to get my life lines a bit off track when I put them in afterwards so I aim to go a row or 2 less and then tink the last row or 2.

Hi Creations, thank you. I have ripped back , (how could I have got it so wrong in the first place??) one front is complete and the other almost complete, and it seems to be lining up correctly. Hopefully I will be able to join it all up and finish it off :pray: I haven’t used lifelines yet, but I have the Chiaogoo needles that have the holes to use a lifeline. I will def need to use that in future. Thank you for your advice.

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