King Cole 3927

First time posting and desperately need help with king Cole 3927 girls baby cardigan Knitting second size Totally baffled by the sleeve instructions I’ve cast on 26st and states work 10 rows of pattern but don’t have enough stitches Very confusing pattern I’m an experienced knitter and this is baffling me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You probably need someone who knows more than me to help you with this question, but just a guess from me in the meantime…
I don’t have the pattern but I can see a photo of this pretty cardigan. Are the 10 rows actually just garter stitch to start the sleeve at the cuff? And then later increase stitches for the main part of the sleeve which has a lace detail with a st st background?
The photo I’m looking at looks like it has perhaps 6 or 8 rows of garter (I am not very good at counting them to be honest) at the cuff, but I could be looking at the smaller size and perhaps the larger size has 10 rows??

If this is not the answer then I hope you get the help you need soon.

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Hi thanks for your reply Garter stitch at cuffs is fine , it’s the hole pattern further up sleeve - holes etc if that makes sense I’ve tried taking photo of instructions but not loading

Ah, ok, sorry.
Sorry I couldn’t help. I’m sure some one will be able to help you though.

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Thank so much though

Your knitting looks so lovely and the lavender is beautiful.
They really do leave you to make up your own pattern here as far as I can tell.
You need to adjust the sts either side of the eyelet motifs in order to work within 26sts.
Give this a try with an eye to keeping the pattern aligned. I haven’t tried this on a swatch so take it as a suggestion.
Row 1 K3, (k2tog, yfwd and yrn, skp), k12, (k2tog, yfwd and yrn, skp), k3
Row 3 K1, (k2tog, yfwd and yrn, skp) twice, k8, (k2tog, yfwd and yrn, skp) twice,k1.

That makes some sense with the pattern photo which seems to show only two motifs on the sleeve.

Thank you I’ll try that Sat for hours yesterday , knitting then unravelling Looks like there’s motif on back and front of sleeve but quantity of stitches just doesn’t add up If it doesn’t work out to my liking I’ll just do plain sleeves lol
Thank you for your help x

Thank you also for compliment regarding my knitting My mum showed me when I was 8 and that certainly wasn’t yesterday !

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You’re welcome. Let us know how the rows work out.

I will thanks Started the hat last night and same thing with quantity of stitches Why do manufacturers make life so difficult lol

King Cole just came back to me with amendment to pattern Thank goodness

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