King Cole 3146 stuck on neckband

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I had some wonderful help from already, which sorted that parrticular problem, then BOOM I’ve got stuck again!
I’ve looked at videos of how to do the neckband but none seem to have 4 stitches left on a thread on both left and right fronts. This has completely thrown me can anyone help? I can’t see how to upload a picture of my knitting. Thanking someone in advance.

In your previous thread you typed from the pattern:

slip 4 stitches from right neck onto a 31/4 m needle, rejoin yarn and with right side facing pick up and knit 11 stitches evenly […]

You begin with right neck, right as though you are wearing it. With right side facing.
So, the 4 stitches saved on scrap yarn or a holder are slipped without working them onto your right needle. Slip them purlwise, point to point of the needles so that you don’t twist the stitches.
You now have 4 stitches on the right needle.
Then join yarn, this mean leave a tail of 6 inches to weave in later and just start knitting, hold the tail behind your needle for the first few stitches to get going. As you work those first couple of stitches will become a bit loose and baggy but you can snug them back up later by pulling on the tail.

Pick up and knit (with the new yarn you are joining) the correct number of stitches all around the neck.

When you reach the other 4 stitches (left band) which are on scrap yarn or a holder work these 4 as normal stitches (if you have them on yarn you may prefer to slip them onto a spare needle before working them).

You then have all neck stitches on the right needle
The next part is likely to turn and work a number of rows. At the end of the next row you will first come across the rejoined yarn, snug up those stitches, then you will find the 4 slipped stitches, work those as normal. Everything then will be on the needles as normal.

Hope this helps

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I would just add that as long as you’re to knit the last 4sts, it’s probably best to knit the first 4sts to begin the neckband.

You really are at the finishing touches with this very sweet cardigan. Please do post a photo.

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Great idea, thanks for adding that salmonmac