King Cole 3045

Hello I’m trying to knit the Bolero 4 th size. I have completed the back ok but really stuck with the left front . Shape neck The pattern says to
K1,sl 1,k1,psso, k7, cast off REM 4 sts, turn and rejoin yarn

If you cast off the last 4 sts you will have 1 stitch on the needle. Or do I draw the yarn through that last stitch ? Got so frustrated pulled it off the needles ! But really do not want to give up with this.
Any help would be great :+1:

Cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. Then just pull up on the needle until the yarn end pulls through the stitch. It won’t unravel.

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Thank you for your reply
I’m still confused so knitted a test swatch
However when I casted off I was left with 8 stitches and not 9 as the pattern suggests . So clearly I’m still doing it wrong

I have had another go and the last stitch is cast off by pulling the cut thread through ? Sorry for being a pain

This is what I end up with on my practice piece , I have a feeling it’s not correct

That looks correct. How many sts did you start with? You’re making the 3rd or 4th size?

It’s an unusual way to write this pattern, casting off at the end of the row. All the patterns I’ve worked have you work to the end of the row, turn and cast off at the beginning of the next row. That way, no cutting and rejoining yarn. A row here or there isn’t going to make a noticeable difference.

Hello I’m doing the 4th size. I believe it was 14 sts. I might do as you suggest and cast off at the start of the next row. Thank you for your help I will have another go at knitting it again today