King cole 3022 help!

Hi, i am currently knitting the above pattern and need your help please, i am stuck on the jacket version on shaping the neck, the pattern says:

Complete first side as follows:
****dec 1 st at neck edge on next 2 rows ect

I’m just not sure what i am supposed to do after the k22 part as that is just under the half way point of my stitches.

Help please

Thanks so much in advance


K 22 sts, turn and on the WS row dec at the beg, work to the end of the row. Turn again and on that RS row, knit to where you turned before and dec 1 stitch.

As you’re shaping the neck, I expect you have to do the mirror image on the other side with another ball of yarn attached.

Yep, but this pattern looks like it has you do the shoulders separately.