Kinda sloooow

Okay so at first I thought it was my computer and i was going mad trying to delete cookies and look for anything that might be slowing the site down. Then i came to realize that it is happening on ALL my computers (home and work) so I am wondering if anybody else is noticing it. Icons and pics seem to be taking forevah to load and sometimes load to a red X. Is anybody else experiencing that or should i be trying to mess with my computers again? :thinking:

What web browser do you use?

Also do you know how to check for spyware?

Seems the same speed as usual to me. :thinking: Weird that’s its happening at home and work.

i use IE and i like it well enough not to change it. and i have about three spysweeper programs on my home computer. I would still be worried about my home computer if it were only happening there and it weren’t recent…it is a fairly new occurrence though and it is happening both at work and at home (all high speed connections.)

it’s not a HUGE deal just a curiosity. I was suspicioning a bandwidth issue since we are such a bizzzzzy group! :wink:

haha no worries… same usual speed for me too.

I was going to suggest Firefox but you like IE well enough so I’ll not go through the Firefox praise! I didn’t ever want to change either but I do adore Firefox now - I like the tabbed browsing and the ad blocking but I guess IE is catching up on that too.

I wondered if there was perhaps something in that clunky “hidden” directory of temp files that IE uses and doesn’t automatically empty itself when you tell it to dump the cache. If there is and it’s come from a site you visit at home and at work that could have explained the dual issue.

well, I take it back. The server seemed to go wacky for a couple of minutes just now. Nothing would load at all. Maybe it is just high traffic :slight_smile:

I find that it is in fits and starts. Earlier today it was incredibly slow for me. Now it is fine. Could also be the internet in general. Sometimes that happens.

If you want to know how fast your computer is connected for download/upload, you can check it regularly here. Cool site to see what you’re dealing with.

It’s been a little slower than normal for me today, but not unbearable.

yup it is definitely a ‘fits and starts’ kinda thing cuz right now…lightening speed! prolly cuz i don’t have a lot of time to play right now… :rofling:

the universe is conspiring against me! shakes fist

:rofling: :rofling:

Same thing was happening to me a few days ago :thinking: perhaps Sheldon is updating again :wink:

Anyone else having problems getting the videos to play? I can’t get the Advanced Techniques to go. :thinking:

i just clicked on large diameter to see if it would come up and it played almost immediately…like it was waiting for me! :shock:

Hildie didn’t have a problem either. I’m beginning to think it’s a problem on Windows. :thinking: I just don’t know enough about other browsers and such.