Kinda OT - favorite hand cream?

Now that it’s getting colder my hands are getting rather pissy. So I thought I’d ask you guys what’s your favorite hand cream or lotion for itchy, dry, tight feeling hands? Thanks!

My favorite everything lotion is Vaseline’s Aloe Cool & Fresh. It’s the one in the light green bottle. I have a bottle on my desk that I use everytime I was my hands, and it’s the one I use on my body when I get out of the shower. It’s aloe/cucumber based, and it is very lightly scented, which is why I like it for work. I don’t stink up the whole office when I use it, and it’s not so strongly scented that I feel I can’t wear perfume. (Not that I usually remember to spray the perfume, but I COULD wear it if I wanted.)

My favorite is Udderly Smooth hand lotion. It soaks right in and isn’t greasy!

Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion. smells nice (a very light vanilla/almond/coconutty scent), and isn’t greasy.

Lonnie is always surprising me with yummy creams and butters from Bath and Body Works, my very fave cold weather ones are the shea butters and my fave everyday cream is the Warm Vanilla Sugar. And, for intensive moisturizing I love all of the Lay It On Thick.

I love L’Occitane’s hand cream, but it’s very expensive - I don’t get it that often. After I run out I wait a few years and make do with other things!

The Savannah Bee Royal Jelly. It takes away the yarn wear on my hands, without leaving them greasy.

I’m with Kirochka. L’occitaine shea butter is the best. I get it on QVC (another fanatic, I’m afraid). It’s really wonderful.

Nothing works for me like Finger Care by Dermal Therapy out of Canada. Fabulous!!! :muah:

thanks guys! there are just soo many options to choose from! :teehee:

I like Satin Hands by Mary Kay. I’m normally allergic to things with scent, but this has a light scent that doesn’t bother me. (Like everyone else in the known universe, I have a couple of friends that sell MK!)

i love crabtree and evelyn’s hand cream…my favorite scent is "nantucket"
its a powdery scent…
love it!

Udderly Smooth is a great one to use pre-knitting! :thumbsup: At night I use the thick stuff by Eucerin and wear cotton gloves so that the moisture seeps in and stays in.

my new fave is called Gloves in a Bottle

i got it at a fiber fest and it is awesome - not at all greasy and it soaks right in

I love Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion w/ natural colloidal oatmeal. I bought it because it said it moisturizes for 24 hours-all my other lotions wear out quickly. This one lasts and lasts! :heart: it


Trader Joe’s Midsummer Night’s Cream.

It’s great, soaks in quickly, and not oily! Also it’s only about $3 for a 18 oz bottle!