Kinda cute story

I had to go to georgia this past week for my bf granpdpas funeral
after everthing was done I pulled out a sock I was working on and
his Grandma comes over and wants to see how to do it said she nevercould figure socks out . She watch me for awhile then starts talking about a sweater she made probaly 30 years ago that she was so proud of , she still had it even to show me it was very pretty and still in perfect condition. Also his cousin was there from florida she knits too but still is on the scarve phase. It was kinda neat cuz there was me from michigan , a mother of two from florida, a grandma from goergia all knitters sitting around talking about knitting.

That IS a nice story. You probably cheered up his grandma a bit too.

it’s always nice to have something to relate to with your so’s relatives. I’m glad that sad time had something nice in it:muah:

That is a very nice story.
I really like it, I like the thought, as you mention, that knitting is such a universal thing.

that’s cool!

:slight_smile: Sweet. You’ll have to knit her a pair of socks now–what a nice scene in the midst of something sad.

That is really sweet! :slight_smile:

Warms the heart.:aww: