Kind of annoyed with KnitPicks

I placed an order on 2/6 with KnitPicks, and it shipped on 2/8 which is great! So I check the tracking maybe once a day, and everything looked perfect. It arrived at the sortation center next to my little city, so I got excited thinking it would be here in the next couple of days. WRONG. All the sudden it decides to keep on going, to a city that is two hours away! And the latest update is “Shipment Accepted” which leads me to believe someone else is enjoying my stuff. I was so excited about getting this as soon as I could because still feeling like a big newbie after two years of knitting, I bought my first skein of really nice sock yarn the other day, and went to KnitPicks to buy the ball winder/dpns to make my new pair of socks, but it looks like that isn’t happening anytime soon. So I called KnitPicks customer service which has been great in the past, and all I got was “Call back on the 22nd”. Whyyyy? :cry:

Well that doesn’t make any sense! I would call back and ask for a supervisor and let him/her know that someone else has your paid for items according to THEIR tracking info. Luckily, (knock on wood) I haven’t had any problems with their shipping.

I know how frustrated and unhappy you must be. Here’s a group hug. :grphug:

I’d call that sort station! Tell them your tracking info and that you saw it was delivered elsewhere and see what’s up!

Oh no!!! That DOES stink! I would be frustrated and upset too!

I agree, keep calling until you get someone who can straighten it out. I mean I would be nice (at least I’d TRY, lol) but firm-you paid for these items, and someone else has them. I guess it was mis-labeled? Who knows, but I wouldn’t give up till you find out what happened and get it resolved with them sending it out to you again, ASAP.

Good luck!! :hug:

That once happened to me, not with KP, it turned out that the tracking number had been used before and was giving the information from the previous use of the number.

I actually just checked my tracking info for the package I ordered from knitpicks several days ago (also a ball winder and dpns!) and it says the same thing- “shipment accepted”. However, I noticed that earlier in the list, it says something about USPS being notified… I think the use a carrier that gets the package to the right region and then hands it over to the regular post office for delivery, and that it’s the post office that has accepted shipment. I have no idea why they would send it to a town 2 hours away from you, though…

“Shipment accepted” does not mean it was delivered, it means it was accepted at a post office or sorting facility. It will say “Delivered” when it is.

It’s not a problem yet. They said to call back after the 22nd because she shipping will take 5 to 10 business days, which would be the 22nd.

I had a problem with a delivery from KP in Jan. I in no way blame KP, it was a post office problem. My order was shipped 1/4 and made it to the sorting station on 1/10 and from there disappeared off the radar. On the 14th day from shipment I called KP and they reshipped my order on the 20th. I received both orders on the 28th. I just shipped back the extra order last weekend after getting the authorization paperwork. I did keep the extra yarn from the 2nd order at an additional 20% discount as offered by the person I spoke to at KP.
I found KP to be very responsive and love my Harmony interchangeables as well as the KP palette yarn I ordered. I dropped the other socks I was working on to cast on with the Palette and start a new pair.

Carey, I once ordered a sweater for my BIL and it ended up in Montana. I guess the US Post Office doesn’t know that MO is for Missouri not Montana. :roflhard:

Personally, I would call them again just to get some clarification and ease your mind about where your “stuff” is.

I just wish they would ship my order… it had been over 6 weeks and it still says pending…

Knitpicks uses a FedEx service called Smart Post - I have a shipment coming from them, too, so I did a little research on what this is. Fed Ex says it’s supposed to save both time and vendor money on shipping, but it seems like it only saves the vendor money, not time. What happens is Fed Ex ships the package out your local area through several “sortation centers” placed strategically throughout the country. When the package gets to the center nearest your home, it is then handed off to the USPS to move to your nearest major post office and then to your local post office and to your mail carrier. I read a [U]bunch[/U] and I do mean a [U][B][I]bunch!![/I][/B][/U] of complaints in blogs and such about this service.

I got lucky with my package, I guess, in that it didn’t sit in “pending” for a long time - I placed my order last Wed or Thu night, it “shipped” on Friday, and made it to Atlanta GA by Monday night, where it was then transferred to the USPS, who will consider delivering it one of these days. I figure I should have it by next week sometime, it can’t take more than a week to get a package from Atlanta to the Nashville area…I hope.

Sanibelle - I’d be calling KP and asking to speak to a manager until I got some answers on an order that’s been pending for 6 weeks…especially if they’ve already charged your card for it!!

I believe it. I also ordered a DVD from Overstock. It was shipped from CA. and only had to come to eastern WA. It got to the sortation center in 2 days and it took 2 weeks to go 300 miles to my house from there.

direct your indignation to the correct place; the shipper, not knitpicks. Once it has shipped from knitpicks it is the carrier (probably the US Postal Service) that is causing the problems.

I don’t like how they don’t ship to the U.K They’re more than happy to take money from a person living in the U.K though

shipping outside of the US can be a major PITA thanks to various regulations. Many US based mail order companies will not ship to Hawaii, Alaska or other non-contigous US terratories, let alone “foreign”

I had a KP order that was supposed to arrive. It didn’t. I checked the tracking number again and I ended up calling the shipping co. because it said resent to sorting due to incorrect address (it was totally right!). They told me it was being sent back to KP. I called KP and they shipped a replacement order to my home instead. The order arrived almost the next day. I got back to work and my original order had arrived. KP sent me a return shipping slip and it was great. No problems at all. KP really has great customer service!!!

I say! Steady on old fruit! Fancy, calling Brits ‘foreign’! Never heard the like of it!:teehee:

I shouldn’t say this but ‘touch wood’ I’ve never head a problem mailing packages from the UK to the US. I’ve been amazed at how fast mail can be delivered it - it took all of four days once, from northern England to CA.

I also agree with you, Pagan, - if companies accept money from overseas customers, then they should be willing to ship overseas.

They expect you to purchase items, arrange for them to be posted to a friend or relative in the US and then get the friend or family to mail it on to the UK. That way, if anything goes pear-shaped, you and your friend have lost out - not them.

Stuff that for a game of soldiers!

Personally, I think KnitPicks is wonderful, it’s the P.O. that sucks.

My neighbor works for them, and always uses UPS to ship packages,FedEx for his home based business.

Exactly what Silver said. The same thing happened to me the first time I ordered from them, and I started FREAKING OUT because I thought it had been delivered to the wrong person. Turns out, it just means that the shipment has been accepted by the US Postal Service from the initial carrier. Don’t stress! Mine came 3 days (one of which was a Sunday) after I got the “shipment accepted” message.

Thanks Limey

tuts foreign indeed