Here’s a toddler kimono I recently finished for my dear daughter.

yarn : red heart super saver
color : 0885 deft-blue and 0387 soft navy
needles : US 8" straight and 29" circular
pattern : [U][/U]

Very nice. She should be good and warm with that cute sweater on. Thanks for the pattern link!

That is very sweet. I especially like the edge detailing.

Wow that is just soooo cute x

That came out beautiful!

Nice work… :cheering:

:happydance: it looks wonderful!!

How cute!

What a great little sweater, did it take very long to make? I’m hoping I can find it somewhere in a 3T, 'cause it is really cute!

It looks lovely and very neatly done.

That is so cute. I love the contrast detailing!!

I love how kimonos look! Nice work!

That came out really cute! I love the contrasting colors and stitch detail!! Thanks for the pattern link too :smiley:

Debkcs,the kimono was knit in thick yarn so it might not take very long to knit. I being lazy with a very active toddler dd could finish it in 2 months :slight_smile:

It looks great. The trim really finishes it off nice.

Very cute. I love the contrast detailing.

Beautiful! :thumbsup:
Thanks for the yarn exchange…thinking what’s in the stash that will work.
Thanks for sharing!!! Deborah

It is just gorgeous!:inlove:

Love it! :heart: The contrasting trim work really sets it apart from the crowd!!

That is really cute. The edging is striking.