Kimono, Pants and Bootees D Bliss

I’ve been stumped for well over a week. The instructions simply do not make sense. Am I knitting a piece that will become a cover for the side holes for the ties? Am I misunderstanding and perhaps I need to knit to the end of the row (though this is not stated)? Sounds a bit like short rows, but that doesn’t make sense. Nor is there any instruction to pick up the bar when wrapping a stitch. No comments on ravelry from other users. What am I not getting?

Shape Neck
Next 2 rows With M, k1, sl 1pwise, turn, yb, sl 1, k1
Next 2 rows With M, K2, sl 1pwise, turn, yb, sl 1, k2
etc, etc

No instruction to knit to end. No instruction to knit a full row inbetween, or pick up a wrap…

Is this the pattern?
You’re up to the neck shaping, knitting from the bottom up? It is short rows but you don’t necessarily have to pick up the wrap. This may be the border at the point where the V-shape of the neck begins. What are the next couple of rows?

That’s the one! Five lines of instructions total:
The two I wrote out, then…
another but K3,
fourth line is K2
fifth line is K1.

All this creates a “tab” of sorts, bit bulkly, slightly roundish part (I knit per the instructions and it simply looks weird) then…

Next row With M, K3 (this is the side border), with C, k to end.

then, decreasing starts to create the V neck.

If this is the right front, it may be a kind of tab to fasten the tie for the kimono on the inside (the part that folds to the inside under the left front). See if the finishing directions give you any clue as to the purpose.

Unfortunately no pattern notes at all or hints from finishing instructions. All pictures seem to have this tiny part hidden from view. This instruction is on both the left and right front.

I’ll just have faith in the pattern and report back when finished.

Thank you for your input!

Update! It is not a little tab at all. But rather, a way of making a fuller edge as it rounds the corner with the decreasing. I suppose if you did not add in the extra yarn the start of the edging would pull tight.
Both front sides done. Working on the first sleeve.
Thank you for “talking” it through with me.

Oh great! That gives you the ease to turn the corner without buckling. Glad you figured it out.

Shape Neck
Next 2 rows With M, k1, sl 1pwise, turn, yb, sl 1, k1
Next 2 rows With M, K2, sl 1pwise, turn, yb, sl 1, k2

Sound like short rows to me. More clearly written it would be…

Shape Neck
Next row: With M, k1, sl 1pwise, turn, yb
Next row: (yb), sl 1, k1
Next row: With M, K2, sl 1pwise, turn, yb
Next row: (yb), sl 1, k2

Totally agree with Salmonac! :thumbsup:

And thanks to all for your great help!