Kim Hargreaves pattern advice please

Knitting an 8 row pattern. I am being asked to continue pattern and shape by dec 1st at each end of 3rd and foll 8th row.

Does this mean I decrease at row 3 of pattern and then again at the 8th row of the pattern? Or 8 rows on from the 3rd row at row 11?

I am then being asked to work 11 rows… I am assuming I am continue in the pattern?

Thanks for any help

Dec on row 3, then the 8th row [I]after [/I]that which is row 11. Then work another 11 rows in the same pattern stitch, you’ll just have less stitches.

Thanks…so another follow on question…
I decrease both ends on a knit stitch but the current pattern has the following row start with k1, P1, k3, p1 and ends P1, K3, p1, k1. If I have decreased I have less stitches so do I start at P1 instead?

Yes, each time you decrease you’ll lose one pattern stitch at each end. You’ll start the following row with the p1, as you say and end on the p1. You can always look at your pattern stitches on the needle to make sure that you’re continuing the pattern correctly.

Hello, I am being told to Dec 1 st at each end of the row. It is a RS row, so do I k2tog at start and SKP at end of row? Thanks

It depends on how you would like the decreases to slant. I like them to follow the line of the decrease so ssk (or skp)after one knit stitch at the start (left slant) and then 3sts before the end, k2tog and then k1 (right slant). If you like the opposite slant, then yes, go ahead as you posted. Try it out one way and see if you like it.

Yes, you can do them that way and the decs will slant toward the edges (unless you knit combination or eastern/russian). Or swap them with ssk at the beg and k2tog at the end so they lean toward the center.